Advantage Fee:

Interactive Hotel Solutions offers the Advantage Fee to Affiliates who want to earn more money on each reservation. The Advantage Fee is adjustable so that Affiliates have the means to set their parameters as shown below when applying this fee. This fee helps increase your profit margin. Affiliates do not have to use the Advantage Fee, although it is a great way to help increase your revenue. IHS does not place maximums on the caps you set, but if set too high, the customer may not opt to make a reservation. Affiliates may choose one of the two choices below. If the Affiliate does not choose one of the options listed, by default IHS chooses #1. Affiliates now have the ability to charge based on the following:

1. Straight: Charge a straight fee per booking
$5 for each reservation.

2. Per Night: Charge 'X' amount per night with a max
(5 nights) * ($4 fee) = $20 fee
Affiliate set the max at $15 in this example
The customer would be charged $15, not $20 in this case